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Google trends tell us it is important to love yourself, to be yourself, to just be you, and to just do you. What does this all mean? Corporate America is jumping on the bandwagon of self-love but I am not really getting a clear understanding of what self-love is or how to get it. When I ask other women what they do to love themselves, there’s always a long pause and more often than not we wind up talking about baths and books. 

Really? Do we really think that by randomly sitting in a body of water looking down at our naked body with a mind trained to find imperfections is the most loving act we could practice? Do we really think that by sitting by a fire reading a good love novel is going to empower us? Does that help you to ‘just be you?’ After you read that book do you get up and say to yourself ‘You fine girl you fine.’  

No. No you don’t. Maybe you enjoyed your time reading the book but self-love, self-empowerment is not about enjoyment.  Nah, it is about commitment. 

The most powerful, confident humans I know are those that are well practiced in making personal commitments to themselves. They are the people waking up before the rest of the house to do their practice or are using their lunch hour to devote to themselves. These are the people that have completely given up to the commitment and they do whatever it takes to see it through. Why? Because they connect to their why.

It doesn't matter what your why is it only matters is that you have a  strong one to get you through the ups and downs of the mind. Your why can be as simple as the physical change you desire or it could be as big as the sense of devotion to your soul or spirit. It can be an act of devotion that propels you into the feeling of doing something for you.  


Self doubt is the cause of this whole conversation and the practice of finding steadiness within your routine is the most effective way to integrate self-assuredness into one's life. Self-doubt is going to voice its unruly opinion and tell you to stay in bed, do it later, that it doesn't matter, or it is too hard to keep going. You will be forced to reckon with the thing that is stopping you from feeling empowered and courageous in your day to day life and that my darling, is you.

So what am I really saying here? Your commitment to a personal practice will give to you the experiential knowledge to navigate through the obstructions of self-doubt and the negative mind. This, is the nectar inside the fruits of your labor. While you may be skinnier or have more energy at the end of your given time frame, you have information about yourself that you can apply into your everyday life. Understanding your pitfalls and the places doubt lives in your mind, you will be able to overcome and release the fears attached to failure. This is power you will not find in the bath or reading a book by the fire.

We naturally want to become lighter in our minds and bodies during the spring. If you are inspired to a new wellness routine, create a personal practice that you feel passionate about and then COMMIT TO IT!! Is it a lighter body? Is it cooking your own meals? Is it a daily meditation practice ( I hope so!!)  Find something that in the moment cultivates your character. Veridatta is an enlightened skincare routine that requires commitment. Dedication to yourself and dedication to the routine is important because skin requires balance and regularity. Literally, the products are a detox for the skin. If you start and then forget or get a breakout and you quit in the middle of it, you're not going to reap the benefits. In light of the spring time energy we are offering 30% to all of our customers to get involved with the daily detox. Type in the code SPRING at checkout. 

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