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When it comes to love, you reap what you sow. We are nearing Valentine's day and it is time to start sowing positive, loving feelings for oneself. Valentine's Day has the potential of being an incredibly powerful day filled with passion and romance or it can be a day filled with conflict, disappointment, and a feeling of loneliness. From what I see in others and from my own experience, each year is different and it depends upon the amount of romance in one's life. The more romance, the more exciting the holiday. The less romance, the bigger the desire to  ignore the holiday. 

Veridatta is built upon the concept that if you find a vibration or feeling of love for yourself before you do anything else, then you can be, do, or have anything you desire. That is what 'You Are Enough' stands for. How does this work in the real world? Instead of falling into the thoughts of yesterday or the lists of what have to get done today, imagine waking up and focusing your mind into a place of appreciation for yourself. You roll out of bed, you keep your phone plugged into the wall, and you begin your morning routine in the bathroom while you focus your mind on kind, loving thoughts for who you are. These gentle thoughts have the opportunity to roll into stronger feelings of KNOWING. Without any sense of doubt or question, the feeling of KNOWING becomes your charge. This charge can be focused on who you are, what you want, and exactly how you want to feel.  

Your experience is all up to you.  Choosing how you want to feel is your responsibility. That is the power of free will and the structure of how you create your reality. If you are working hard on controlling the conditions around you in order to feel happiness or joy, then you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position because the truth is, you can't control everything! It is not only exhausting to live in a conditional way but it is so emotional. Your mood depends on the brash decisions and actions of others and you are so often left feeling powerless. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when you realize that you really are the one creating your reality but once you take the responsibility, you can drive your experience anywhere you want. You can feel what you want, be who you want, receive what you want. You just have to know how. 

Through the practice of finding the feeling of what you want to feel (loved, sexy, healthy, open, honest, loving, peaceful, inspired...) you hold a charge. That charge brings in more of that feeling. You INVITE more because you are already holding the charge of what you want.

The only way you can ever receive the love you crave from another person is if you are already experiencing it from yourself. If you are waiting for your partner to treat you a certain way, speak to you a certain way, give to you a certain way and they are not, hurry up and look inside. It is not because there is something unloving in them or that they do not care about you. It is because you are not treating yourself in the way you crave, you are not speaking to yourself the way you crave, and you are not giving to yourself the way you crave. Do not expect someone else to do the work for you for you will be disappointed every single day. When you are kind, when you are gentle, when you are sweet with the thoughts you think about yourself, you create a pathway for the people around you to do the same. 

Love is by INVITATION ONLY. The invitation is sent out through the charge you hold for yourself. You do not have to send out a paperless post for someone to get the message. They feel it when they are in your presence. Test this idea if you'd like. Think about a time in your life in which you were not in a state of loving yourself and think about the relationships you pulled in. Maybe at work or with friends. The amount of love you live in for yourself is the amount of love you can experience from others. 

So pretend it is the morning. You have a couple of moments to yourself in the bathroom before the kids need breakfast. As you go through your routine imagine finding gentle, kind thoughts about who you are. Here is an example of how to upgrade your charge:

"I know what I am doing. 

I know what I want. 

I know what love feels like.

I love the feeling of love. 

Love comes easy to me. 

Feeling love is my most natural state. 

I am inspired by the beauty around me. 

I am inspired by the sun coming up, the wind blowing the trees, the breath moving through my body.

I appreciate myself for always wanting more. 

I respect my desires. 

My desires reflect how I want to live, who I want to be. 

I believe I am here to experience my desires. 

I believe I am here to experience joy and abundance without having to prove my worthiness. 

I believe I am worthy because I am. 

I believe in the love I feel for myself.

I trust the love I feel for myself. 

I trust that others can love me as I love me. 

I trust I can show them how to love me the way I desire. 

This is easy for me because love feels good.  

I like feeling good.

I choose thoughts that feel good. 

I choose loving thoughts because they feel good. 

I love being all of me. 

I am enough just as I am." 

I am enough."


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