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Since inception of Veridatta, I have gone through phases of being dedicated to juicing and feeling guilty for not juicing. Right now I am in a thriving juice phase so I am inspired to share the why. In 2014 one of my best friends gave me a book written by Natalia Rose called "Detox 4 Women." The concepts in this book changed my life. Magic happens when you listen to the inspiration in your heart and you find yourself at the right place in the right time. This book and I met at the right time and I was able to embrace its content and it has grown into a way of being. 

The number one thing that stood out as a shocking experience was the power of green juice. Not green smoothies, not fruit juice, but fresh green juice. I had always struggled with some sort of eating strategy and would inevitably find myself flying off of whatever strategy I had created in my mind that would lead to the perfect size body. I now have a mantra that I apply to everything and it was born out of this experience. The mantra is, 'When in doubt, add more love.' Or, 'when in doubt, add more green juice.'  There is nothing love can't help. There is nothing green juice can't help. 

Living in a state of deprivation because you want to get to a certain body weight is no fun way to spend any day. Easily and blissfully dropping weight and creating the shape of your body that you want while having a good time sounds like a wonderful way to spend your time. Why is this the case? How can something so challenging now be so easy?

Right place right time. If you are reading this, maybe it is finding you in the same way Natalia Rose's book found me. Sometimes we aren't ready for the journey that we want and when we finally are ready, all the pieces are in play in order for everything to work. 

When you add pure sunlight energy into the body it minimizes the body's cravings for junk. The body increases its efficiency and you have more energy. The amount of food you desire to consume decreases because you feel satiated. Your digestion, your mood, your hormones will be regulated due to the balancing effect of fresh green juice. 

In light of #theVLife we are offering V Tonics this season to all of our Sweat + Glow sessions for people to slurp when they are finished sweating. We have 4 different Tonics that are designed to promote beautiful glowing skin. Next up is Ahana Yoga on Feb 27th and Vixen Workout on Feb 28th in Miami. Stay tuned for pics on our insta story. 


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