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Last Friday we began the Sweat + Glow tour in Miami at The Sacred Space Miami. Located in the dynamic Wynwood Arts District, it is both a sanctuary and supportive community cultivating conscious living where "love is everything." A special group of women gathered together excited and cheerful to invest their Friday evening releasing their negative thought patterns about themselves to make space for positive, confident ones. "You are very beautiful provided you know how beautiful you are" is a teaching that is very powerful to me because feeling beautiful and being beautiful are two completely different things. If someone does not know and feel that they are beautiful then they are missing out on the experience of it! They are missing out on the joyful experience of their femininity and goddessness! Imagine if you had a million extra dollars in the bank and you didn't know you had a million extra dollars in the bank. Can you see the tragedy in that? The same goes for personal power and the feeling of beauty. I meet so many people during my excursions and about 90% of them do not understand that they have a million extra dollars in their beauty bank account and are not enjoying the perks of confidence and abundant well-being. Personal power comes from awareness of one's magnitude in the present moment. This is what we worked on during the Sweat + Glow class at The Sacred Space. 

Ahana Yoga was Veridatta's next stop for Sweat + Glow. This studio was founded by Dawn Feinberg, a joyful yogi trained in the Jivamukti tradition which is dear to my New York heart. Big beautiful rooms with high ceilings and exquisite colors painted all over the walls, this space rightfully sits in Miami's Design District. The students were welcoming and expectant of a strong vinyasa flow making the sweat aspect of the class easy. Veridatta is sold in the boutique at Ahana and I pleasantly watched the students knowingly spritz their faces with Veridatta's Skin Tight Toner after class. 

Next was Innergy Meditation. In the heart of Miami Beach Innergy Meditation is a "come-as-you-are" meditation center that offers a surplus of classes every single day offering quiet respite from the bustle of Miami. The husband and wife team did not skimp on the details of the space from its blue calming light to the surround sound singing bowls. I was so impressed with the amount of people that packed in on a Saturday afternoon to take Veridatta's 'Breathe + Glow.' In 45 minutes we oxygenated the system using breath work and accessed negative thought patterns using the theta brainwave. The theta brainwave is a practiced meditative state that allows access to information about yourself that is limiting your life experience. Once we were in the meditative brainwave, I asked each student to find the cause of struggle in their life. When you can see what is causing the stress in your life whether it is a relationship or a pattern, it is then possible to shift it. If you don't know what is causing your struggle you can't change anything! I love teaching this class because there is no sharing involved and people are given the tools to reach the information on their own. I merely guide them into the state of mind in order to do so and the result can be earth shattering. 

My last stop is one of my favorite places on earth and that is Vixen Workout. Founder Janet Jones created one of the most satisfying, confidence building workouts I have ever experienced. The class starts with every woman loudly affirming, "Yes I'm sexy, yes I'm fierce, yes I got this, YEEESSSSSSS!" Considering the class is mimicking a night club the studio staff does an epic job making everyone feel comfortable in their skin and welcome no matter what their dance experience is. I've been to a lot of workout studios and this is truly one of the least judgmental un-clicky workout spaces I have ever been to. To be honest, no one gives a fuck about what anyone else is doing because they are there to loose themselves in dance. It is a safe place to find one's inner goddess and express it in the way that makes them feel most powerful. Sexy and powerful is often a contradiction in our society but women like Janet Jones are creating the opportunity for women to practice both at the same time. I couldn't be more proud to be connected to this studio. 

Stay tuned for more Miami tidbits. I am just getting warmed up. #theVLife #veridatta 


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