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Have you noticed the strong back and forth between experiencing exactly what you want and then exactly what you don’t want? Do you feel closer than ever to experiencing your dreams yet you can feel the possibility of it all going to shit?

We are in a transition season and the shifty weather patterns lead to wavering within our own lives. High winds that change directions and fluctuating temperatures in short periods of time can lead to feeling anxious. In that anxiousness there is the opportunity to make some real piss poor decisions.  

Don’t freak out, don’t feed into the anxious energy, and definitely whatever you don’t, don't let out of sight what you want. I have two main recommendations to get to the manifestations of your heart’s desire. 

1.  Be Aware. With simple acknowledgement that we are in a transition of taking the deep introspection of winter into a manifested form of the summer, you will have more patience with yourself and others. Think about it. The winter instigates deep introspection of self. The summer is a time of pleasure and bliss. We stand now in the transition between the two. In order to take all that was learned in the cold short days about oneself and transferred into the experiences desired, it has to go from thought form to manifested form. Is it taking a new job? Is it digging your heels in at your current job and figuring out to find happiness with it? Is it a new relationship? Is it digging your heels in and figuring out how to find happiness within your current relationship? The reason why summer is so blissful is not only because we bask in the pleasures of the earth but because we have come out of the introspection of the winter, out of the transitionary phase of the spring, and we reaping the benefits of owning our personal power.

2.   Stay steady AF.  On the days in which you feel you don’t have the energy or the desire to stick to your conscious practice, get over it and do it anyway.  If you do not have a personal practice like meditation or running or something that links breath to body, GET ONE.  20 minutes a day can make or break you right now and if you have put in the work this winter with self reflection and focusing on what you want to manifest, THIS IS THE FINISH LINE.  Get to the other side with a steady conscious practice because the energy you put into it will give you the guidance for the decisions that will be required of you. 

In light of this transitory energy and wanting you to succeed in your endeavors, we are offering 30% off to all of our customers to remind you that your skin does not need to suffer or fluctuate during this time. Keep your skin steady, your glow bright, and trust that if you focus on what you want, you will receive it. Enjoy friends. Keep it going. 

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