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Connect the Hamptons community to gifted yoga teachers and different styles of yoga in one central location each week during the holiday season.Focus on wellness and ways to remain connected in order to combat colds, stress, depression, and overindulgence in sugar and alcohol.Introduce Veridatta's products to the community for everyone to experience and understand that glowing skin is a science just like the applied science of yoga.

What is the class like?

With the morning light coming through the beautiful windows overlooking the quiet streets of East Hampton, the space itself is extremely special. The room is warm and each teacher leads the class through a series of postures designed to create a good sweat. The class is open for all levels as it is not about the level of the postures but more about the power of remaining connected to oneself. After a good physical aspect of the class, Rebecca leads the group through a guided Theta meditation for a couple of minutes and directly following there is time for a very deep rest. Afterwards there are fresh tonics served by The Squeezery and skincare products provided by Veridatta for everyone to go home with.

How long is it?

The class starts at 10:30 and goes to 12:00.

How much does it cost?

It is a suggested donation of $20. We want to encourage people to come even if they don't have the money to take class as the point of the series is to get people connected to themselves.

Why is it so important to be connected to yourself?

The reason everyone complains about the stress of the holidays is because people are walking around completely disconnected.  Stress is when a person has contradictory energy in their body and the conflict of those two energy fields creates the experience of stress and that might manifest itself as overeating, not sleeping, drinking too much, stomach aches, headaches, etc.

The theme of this series is to help people to recognize if they have contradictory energy in their life and give them the tools to be able to shift it. This season, we believe the holidays should be experienced in the feeling of joy and gratitude.

Who are the teachers?

Sarrah Strimel, Rebecca Hajek, Anna Chung, Jessica Bellofatto, Jen Frasher, Alison Burke, and Leah Kinney. They are coming from B Yoga, JB Yoga, Mandala, and Yoga Shanti, the four biggest studios in the Hamptons.


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