Believe In Your Truth

Our mission is to promote the feeling of love, joy, and confidence for one’s own authentic self.  Our products accelerate the body’s natural ability to detoxify which increases healthy skin cells.  The result?  A glowing complexion without any need or desire to cover anything up.


To lead people in the understanding that by treating one’s skin with the best ingredients from mother Earth is the most loving and sacred act of self empowerment.  Veridatta believes the message people need to hear more often is that they are enough.  Standing in a place of confidence and well being, one is more capable to experience their dreams, embrace love, and feel a sense of happiness, unconditionally.  This is #theVLife.


Each ingredient in each product works synergistically with each ingredient in every other product.  What does that mean?  We took our time developing and testing in order to assure you a glowing complexion after only 8 days of usage.  Since our products are all organic, we manufacture in small batches in order to provide your skin with freshest ingredients possible.


When it comes to skin, we know getting the products you need when you need them is of utmost importance.  With our 2-day free shipping, we offer the freshest skincare routine because we know what matters.  Our customer service is ready to answer any questions you might have about how to use the products for the most effective results.