There is a good reason why we usually slither away from buying sunscreen and from applying it to the skin.  It is an obligatory event that we all do because we are told it is good for us, but more often than not, it doesn’t feel so good.  If you bite the bullet and put your sunscreen on all day, usually you feel successful because you do not have a sunburn and your age spots or sunspots did not darken.

Unfortunately, the success is only on the surface.  Below the surface of the skin, the energy of the sun is reacting with the chemical sunscreens and disrupting the balance of the endocrine system. What does the endocrine system do?  It is in charge of the hormones that are released into your body which is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT.  Depending on what chemical sunscreen you are putting on your skin determines how your endocrine system will be affected and it varies from too much estrogen in the body to not enough testosterone in the body.  Estrogen and testosterone affect your mood, your sleep, your appetite, and your sex drive. The chemical sunscreens that do this are: OXYBENZONE, AVOBENZONE, HOMOSALATE, OCTISALATE, and OCTOYCRYLENE.

The good news for you is it seems we were onto something way back in the day when we were putting hot pink zinc oxide on our noses.  Zinc is THE ONLY FDA approved sunscreen for babies under 6 months old. When formulating Veridatta’s sunscreen I decided whatever the babies are wearing, I want everyone to wear.  But, I also didn’t want to plaster white chalky sunscreen on my face or my customer’s faces because again, I probably wouldn’t put it on.   So what did we do?  We tinted the zinc oxide different shades so you can match your own skin tone.  It is color corrective which means it blends in to match the color of your skin.

What else did we do for you with this formulation?  We chose ONLY organic ingredients that moisturize and are actually, good for you.  These are organic olive oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter.  As we are becoming culturally and individually more conscious and as millenials are asking a lot more from their products, Veridatta stands behind this sunscreen as a state of the art formulation that offers protection from harmful rays and offers an immediate brilliant complexion.

Enjoy summer my friends.  Righteously.  #theVLife